Rail Shuttle

rail shuttle

We operate three weekly rail shuttles connecting APM Terminals Gothenburg with Piteå in the North of Sweden. Our shuttle covers a distance of about 1 400 km one-way and can carry a wide variety of container types. 

Above all our service offers a substantial reduction of CO2 emission compared to other means of transport. According to a study made by IVL our rail shuttle reduces C02 emissions with about 87% compared to a similar vessel solutions from North Sweden.

We are constantly looking at expanding our network of rail shuttles. If you have any queries then please contact us to discuss further.

For bookings and quotes please contact rail@firstrowshipping.se

Energy floater

Energy floater for June:

Göteborg – Piteå 3,14%
Göteborg – Umeå 3,14%
Göteborg – Sundsvall 4,41%
Malmö – Göteborg 4,41%

Timetable Piteå, Haraholmen. Three different departures 

Departure Gothenburg Monday 11.39

Arrival Pitea Tuesday 09.06

Departure Pitea Tuesday 20.44

Arrival Gothenburg Wednesday 18.59

Departure Gothenburg Thursday 04.00

Arrival Pitea Friday 07.52

Departure Pitea Friday 16.52

Arrival Gothenburg Saturday 17.44

Departure Gothenburg Friday 10.30

Arrival Pitea Saturday 08.28

Departure Pitea Saturday 19.30

Arrival Gothenburg Sunday 17.47

Timetable Umeå, Holmsund. Two different departures

Departure Gothenburg Friday 11:00

Arrival Umea Saturday 05:40

Departure Umea Saturday 21:40

Arrival Gothenburg, Sunday 16:40

Departure Gothenburg Sunday 11:00

Arrival Umea Monday 05:40

Departure Umea Monday 18:40

Arrival Gothenburg, Tuesday 16:40


Adelgatan 6,
21 122 Malmö, Sweden

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