For us at the First Row Shipping, it is of utmost importance that everyone is treated fairly and given the same opportunities; we have clear codes of conduct and values. Despite this, if you experience or know of any misconduct at any of the First Row Shipping workplaces, you can report this through this whistleblowing function or to your immediate supervisor, CEO, or work environment coordinator.

This whistleblowing function enables a wide range of people to report misconduct while being protected against reprisals (negative consequences). All employees, former employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders have the opportunity to report misconduct of public interest.

The whistleblowing report is then managed by specially appointed individuals who are independent and autonomous. Your report will be handled by these individuals, and your identity will be kept anonymous if you wish.

The First Row Shipping whistleblowing function is designed to promote transparency and ensure that any violations of the company’s policies, laws, or regulations are properly addressed. The investigation process will be conducted objectively, ensuring that all parties involved are treated fairly. If the investigation confirms the reported misconduct, appropriate corrective actions will be taken, which may include disciplinary measures against the individuals involved and, if necessary, reporting the matter to relevant authorities. This approach aims to maintain a safe and ethical work environment for all employees and stakeholders of the First Row Shipping.

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